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I occasionally get questions from scientific software developers about MacOSX market share visiting my site, it currently runs at 55% MacOSX, 23% Windows, 13% iOS, 4% Android, 4% Linux. However I am aware that readership is very scientific focussed audience and does not represent worldwide use. So I occasionally have a look at Statcounter to get a more general view as shown below.


The mobile market is of course much larger and there are an increasing number of Mobile Science apps but at the moment it looks like Desktop/Laptop still dominates science.


Mac Market Share Data


The latest market share data is available from, Mac market share has been rising over the last few years and in April hit a peak of 9.20%, largely at the expense of Windows.


iOS marketshare on the rise again

The November marketshare results from Net Applications are out and again we see the rise in mobile browsing. From around 6% twelve months ago we have seen a steady rise to over 10% in November 2012 and I’d expect to see a continued rise over Christmas. After a small dip in October, presumably due to consumers waiting for updates, iOS has started to rise again at the expense of Java ME, Blackberry and Symbian which had a combined market share of 30% twelve months ago and have now fallen to a combined share of less than 10%.

On the desktop Windows (91%) continues to drift downwards with no evidence that Windows 8 has lifted the PC market, Mac OSX continues to rise slowly and now stands at 7.3%, the highest level since Net Applications began recording.