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Mac Market Share Data


The latest market share data is available from, Mac market share has been rising over the last few years and in April hit a peak of 9.20%, largely at the expense of Windows.


iOS marketshare on the rise again

The November marketshare results from Net Applications are out and again we see the rise in mobile browsing. From around 6% twelve months ago we have seen a steady rise to over 10% in November 2012 and I’d expect to see a continued rise over Christmas. After a small dip in October, presumably due to consumers waiting for updates, iOS has started to rise again at the expense of Java ME, Blackberry and Symbian which had a combined market share of 30% twelve months ago and have now fallen to a combined share of less than 10%.

On the desktop Windows (91%) continues to drift downwards with no evidence that Windows 8 has lifted the PC market, Mac OSX continues to rise slowly and now stands at 7.3%, the highest level since Net Applications began recording.


Calm before the storm?

The latest Marketshare data from Net applications shows little change from last month but with the announcements from Apple, Google and Microsoft this month it will be interesting to see what the impact is next month and the run up to Christmas.

One small milestone was reached, mobile browsing now accounts for more than 10% share. With the release of new devices including the iPad mini expect that to increase.


Operating systems market share

The latest monthly market share data is available from Net Applications and Mac OS X continues to show a steady rise now up to 7.16% (a rise of 0.3%). Adoption of Mac OS X 10.8 is now over 25% of the Mac OS X version share and steadily increasing.

In the mobile/tablet space iOS continues to dominate (63.48%) this represents just under 10% of the online presence with desktop/laptop still at 90%.


Latest Market Share Data

Net Applications have published the August data for Net market share. For the first time since Net Applications began collecting data the Mac share has topped 7% (7.13%), looking at the different versions of the Mac operating system 10.7 has 34%, 10.6 has 33% and 10.8 (Mountain Lion) has 20% after being available for barely a month.

In the mobile arena there has been little change over the last three months with iOS accounting for 66% and Android 21%, JavaME, Blackberry and Symbian continue to slowly decline.


Mac marketshare

The latest data from Net Applications is out and the Mac marketshare continues to rise to almost 7%, the highest figure recorded by Net Applications. Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) contributes 0.28% and it will be interesting to see the adoption rate next month.

In the Tablet/Mobile area iOS (65.74%) and Android (20.16%) continue to dominate with JavaME (9.11%) falling below 10% for the first time, all other mobile OS are below 2%. The iPad (37.32%) is now the dominant device for web browsing with iPhone (26.66%) second.


Mac and iOS Market Share Trends

Net Applications provide a monthly snapshot of the usage market share for various operating systems and platforms and while it is difficult to draw any conclusions from month to month changes it is interesting to go back and look at the change over longer time periods occasionally.

The June 2012 Mac desktop share stands at 6.72%, in June 2011 it was 5.67%, in June 2010 5.28%, in June 2009 4.74%, and in June 2008 3.70% so in the 4 years of records the Mac desktop share has nearly doubled.

In 2009 with the first analysis of the mobile usage market distribution iOS accounted for nearly 40%, JavaME 36%, Symbian 15% with Android on 2% since then we have seen dramatic changes in the market share with iOS now accounting for over 65%, Android up to 20%, JavaME down to 10% and Symbian almost eliminated with less than 2%. Mobile devices now account for more than 8% of the browsing usage up from around 2% two years ago.

The iPad accounts for nearly 37% of the mobile browsing usage and the iPhone 27%.


Continued rise of mobile browsing

The latests marketshare data from NetApplications is available, and while there has been a small increase in the Mac desktop share over the year up to 6.53%, perhaps the more interesting feature is the steady rise of mobile browsing. Over the year there has been a 50% increase in the use of mobile devices (smartphones+tablets) from less than 5% to 7.3%. Much of this is driven by iOS which now accounts for 63% of the mobile market share.

Looking at the weblog for the Macinchem website the results are similar with iOS accounting for over 7% of the visitors, software vendors need to think about support for mobile platforms if they have not already.


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There's mounting evidence that drug companies are changing the way they consume new tech, and one prime example of this shift is the industry's well-documented affection for Apple's iPad. Pharma companies are buying the tablets by the thousands, doling them out to sales reps and executives, some of whom probably already own the popular devices.

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When the research firm asked more than 100 top life sciences companies about their plans for buying tech hardware in 2012, more than 30% of respondents expected to purchase Apple products, up 220% since 2009.

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Net Applications Mac global market share

The latest data from Net Applications is in, Mac OS X is up to around 7% whilst Windows is now down to just below 92%.

iOS continues to dominate the mobile/tablet market (60%), with Android (19%) and Java ME (14%) being the only others in to double figures.


Net Application market share

The January market share data is out from Net Applications.

The desktop share is dominated by Widows (92%) and Mac OSX (6.4%), interestingly nearly 50% of the Windows machines are still operating XP.

The remorseless rise in the use of mobile platforms continues with mobile/tablet browsing now up to 8.8% an increase of over 1% over last month and more than 100% over the year. iOS continues to dominate (53.6%) with Java (19%) and Android (18%) juggling for second place. Blackberry is now down to 2.6% and falling rapidly.


Gains for Mac and iOS share.

The latest net market share is available from Net Applications.

There is a big surge in Mac usage up half a percent to 6.95% this increase is at the expense of Windows now down to 91.86%.
Over the last 12 months Mac usage has risen from 5.1% to 6.95% an all time high. Mac usage in North America is now 13.32%.

In the mobile/tablet arena iOS continues to dominate, now up to 61.6%, JavaME the long time main rival has now fallen to 12.8% and is now behind Android at 18.9%. As might be expected after all the recent problems Blackberry usage drops to 2.48%.

Major increase in Mac share

Mac market share

Mac share continues to rise.

Latest data from Net Applications

The continued rise of iOS

Net Applications released the July market share analytics yesterday and we see yet more evidence for the migration to mobile platforms which now command 5% of the operating system market share. iOS that powers iPads and iPhones is now up to 3% up from around 1% twelve months ago.
Mac OS also increased to 5.61% up 0.24% on last months figure.
These gains are largely at the expense of Windows now down to 87.6%.
The same trend is seen for Web Browsers with IE down nearly 1% with Chrome up to 13.49% (+ 0.38%) and Safari 8.1% (+ 0.62%) showing major gains.

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Latest Market Share from Net Applications

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iOS market share shows impressive gains

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The continued rise of iOS

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Latest Data from Net Applications

Latest Data from Net Applications

iOS overtakes Linux

The latest marketshare data is in from Net Applications, perhaps the most notable aspect is that they have decided to now merge the data from iPad, iPhone and iPod touch into a single category "iOS". The combined iOS numbers now account for more than 1% of the online browsing share and overtake Linux to become the third most common OS behind Windows (91%) and Mac (5%). I’ve noted the rise of mobile browsing previously and it now accounts for nearly 3% marketshare up from 1% a year ago.

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