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So the Apple event revealed the new Apple Mac Studio, a double hight Mac mini, when combined with the new M1 Ultra chip this small enclosure appears to deliver really impressive performance.


The M1 Ultra is an evolution of the M1max chip that uses "UltraFusion" technology to fuse two M1 Max chips together, resulting in a huge processor that offers 16 high-performance CPU cores, 4 efficiency cores, a 48- or 64-core integrated GPU, and support for up to 128GB of RAM, 800GB/s of memory bandwidth and a 32-core Neural Engine.

Whilst Apple gave the usual performance tests based on video editing I'm not sure they give a realistic measure of performance for scientific applications.

I've been looking at a variety of different application/toolkits/python scripts etc. on my MacBook Pro M1 max here , and if anyone has a chance to test scientific software on the M1Ultra I'd be happy to include the results.