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Findings LabNotebook


Findings LabNotebook for iOS has been released. This comes with Dropbox sync.


There is a review of the MacOSX version here.


Findings Notebook Updated


Findings electronic LabNotebook has just been updated.

Findings 1.0.3 just released: improved support for pasting files or images, and misc bug fixes (menu Findings > Check for Updates)

Great to see the app evolving so rapidly, and the roadmap gives an idea of things to come.


Findings Electronic LabNotebook


Today saw the release of Findings an electronic LabNotebook.

In my very brief look at it I’d said it was aimed at the molecular biology/biochemistry scientist. It seems to be very well thought through in terms of workflow, and it is looks beautiful. Already in the works is an iOS version and they are actively seeking feedback.

With your feedback, we plan to iterate quickly, add more features and expand the scope of the app. Here are a few things planned for the future of Findings. Maybe this is just what you need?

Well worth a download of the trial version.


Electronic Lab Notebook

I occasionally get asked about electronic notebooks, many seem to be somewhat inflexible and don’t support the range of modern mobile devices that are now used routinely. I keep an eye out for web-based solutions since these look to be a better option in a varied platform environment.

I just noticed the Electronic Lab Notebook from Sciformation. It seems to be web-based using pre-installed templates, which are XML documents, these are quite simple to design more custom-made templates.

Dotmatics also have a web-based Electronic Lab Notebook that covers all scientific disciplines in a single interface including chemistry and biology experimental data.