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KNIME tutorial


Don't forget to sign up for your chance to hear a webinar by Greg Landrum, Knime's VP for Life Sciences, this Wednesday, He will be talking about processing malaria HTS results using Knime and will give a tutorial on workflows developed for ligand-based virtual screening, based on results of a phenotypic HTS against malaria.

Wed, Feb 21, 2018 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM GMT

Register Here.


MedChem Wizard KNIME workflow


The MedChemWizard is a KNIME workflow designed to assist medicinal chemists with idea generation, ligand design and lead optimization using a number of common functional group transformations and medchem rules-of-thumb, this tutorial provided by Dr. Alastair Donald gives a detailed description of it's use.



Workflow tools


Workflow tools are becoming increasingly common in science and this publication by Wendy Warr gives an excellent comparison of the leading alternatives, Scientific workflow systems: Pipeline Pilot and KNIME DOI.

Really well worth a read.


KNIME 2.7 released

KNIME 2.7 has been released.

KNIME now runs on Java 7 for Windows and Linux systems (Mac stays on  Java 6) Eclipse update 3.7 increases stability on Mac and some Linux systems. BIRT 3.7 brings Open Office support among other new features

JFreeChart nodes have now more setting options in the “General Plot Options” tab of their configuration window.
In R-> Local there are a number of new nodes to import:

  1. “Table to R” can read a KNIME table into R and output the R workspace.  
  2. “R to Table” takes an R workspace and outputs a KNIME table.
  3. “R +Data to R” takes an R workspace and optional data input and outputs an R workspace.
  4. “R to R-View” takes an R workspace and outputs a KNIME view

There is a KNIME tutorial here


KNIME Newsletter

The 1Q KNIME newsletter is out. Discussion of text mining, the Feb UGM and Tips and Tricks.

KNIME (Konstanz Information Miner) is a user-friendly and comprehensive open-source data integration, processing, analysis, and exploration platform.


There is a KNIME tutorial here.


KNIME Desktop updated

From the KNIME newsletter

“…good news for our Mac Users! We have just released KNIME 2.5.4 which fixes issues caused by the latest Apple update of the Java environment. We are grateful to the very active KNIME community which has helped to identify and fix this problem.”

KNIME Desktop 2.5.4 can be downloaded from the download page ( or you can upgrade your existing KNIME installation by using the built-in update functionality available in the "File" menu

There is also a KNIME tutorial here