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Programmatic conversion of crystal structures into 3D printable files using Jmol


A while back I mentioned a JMOL script for creating files for 3Dpriting the paper desiring the work has now been published in Journal of Cheminformatics DOI.

Three-dimensional (3D) printed crystal structures are useful for chemistry teaching and research. Current manual methods of converting crystal structures into 3D printable files are time-consuming and tedious. To overcome this limitation, we developed a programmatic method that allows for facile conversion of thousands of crystal structures directly into 3D printable files.

The Jmol 3D Print website allows the creation of STL and VRML files for 3D printing for any structure in the Open Crystallography Database. You can search either the full COD and then design your own model for printing, or search the more than 30,000 predefined sample files in the figshare collection and download the STL or WRL files that have already been created for those structures.


There is more information on the 3D printing page


Script for 3D printing from Jmol


A Jmol Script for Programmatic Conversion of Crystal Structures into 3D Printable Files can be downloaded here created by Vincent F. Scalfani, Antony Williams and Valery Tkachenko.