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Anyone who has touched upon scripting/automation on the Mac will no doubt have heard of Sal Soghoian so when I got this message recently I thought I'd better pass it on.

Sal here, with something pretty cool to share with you. We’ve started a new conference to bring together the Apple automation and scripting community!

The conference is called CMD-D (pronounced “Command-D”), and it will be held August 9th at the Santa Clara Convention Center. It’ll be a full day of exploring the current state of automation technology on both Apple platforms, sharing ideas and concepts, and showing what’s possible—all with the goal of inspiring and furthering development of your own automation projects. To assist in this exploration of all things Automation, I’ve invited some of my smartest friends to present sessions focused on their own areas of automation expertise, on macOS and iOS. And, for those new to automation, we’re also planning a Scripting Boot Camp on August 8th. I’m really excited about CMD-D. Finally, the Apple automation community has its own conference. If you use automation, create automation or develop software, this is your conference too.

Registration for CMD-D is open now!

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