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There are now an increasing number of podcasts containing scientific content.
Podcasts are becoming a valuable addition to the scientific literature, I find I am subscribing to more and more and now use my travelling time as an opportunity to catch up on areas of science that are perhaps outside my usual area of interest.
Here are a few that other might be worth listening to:-
The Royal Society In particular the Bill Bryson and Steve Jones.
New Scientist Used to be a be a bit downbeat but has improved a lot recently.
The Math Factor Great for coffee break puzzles.
The Naked Scientist My children will happily listen to this podcast of the radio show in the car on the way to school. There is also an "enhanced" version that contains images. The Naked Scientist Enhanced. Chris Smith also does the Nature Podcast.
The Royal Society of Chemistry has also started a monthly Notes from Chemistry World
A couple of one offs Cell: Highlights of 2006. Henry Rzepa has added Nobel Chemistry Prize Winner lectures

In the UK Universities have a "Research Assessment Exercise" part of which allocates funding based on the impact of publications, I wonder if the new mediums of Podcasts and Blogs are included?
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