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A busy time for mobile science

There are a couple of things happening in the mobile science space that I thought I should highlight.

The SAR Table app is going through some major improvements at the moment. The recently added matrix view is being modified to make it more interactive.


Recently the Mobile Molecular DataSheet (MMDS) was updated with the ability to parse ChemDraw files in particular it understands reaction schemes.

It can extract reaction schemes, and reassemble them into the more highly structured form that MMDS uses, i.e. segregated into individual components, where each distinct part of the reaction is characterised as a reactant, reagent or product, and is described by name/structure/both, and stoichiometry.

The ChemSpider synthetic pages reactions are stored in Chemdraw format and can thus be imported into MMDS, the sequence of actions is shown here

There is also a presentation by Antony Williams describing work at the Royal Society of Chemistry to support mobile science.

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