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Graph version 10.7.3 available

VVI® today announced the availability of Graph version 10.7.3 on the Mac App Store, bringing the following improvements:

  • Copy paste is now implemented for textual (labels) table cells and columns.
  • Column paste now accepts many number delimiters such as blank, comma, tab, Return, etc.
  • Added Save and Open Panels to export and import data into tables.
  • Added a main title to the pie chart.
  • Arrow keys now move the table cell editor to the expected adjacent cell instead of move the text cursor.
  • When a sheet is present, ESC and Command-. shortcuts dismiss (cancels) the sheet.
  • When the cell editor is used to enter an empty value in the last row of a column then that column length is reduced by one except when the data needs to be rectangular (as in the Z-Values table).
  • ESC dismiss (cancels) the cell editor without entering the data.
  • Made many small adjustments to the user interface to make it look and perform better.
  • Implemented elemental table behaviour in the backend.

There is a list of data analysis applications here

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