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300th iOS app added to the mobile science website


I’ve just added the 300th iOS app to the mobile science website. The honour goes to Predictive Tools for Breast Cancer this is a tool for risk prediction of additional axillary metastases after Tumor-Positive sentinel node biopsy, described in a recent publication.

I also found a number of other iOS applications that might be of interest to those working in the area of Onclogy.

The Roche Oncology Pipeline app is a comprehensive guide to all oncology molecules currently under investigation in Roche/Genentech clinical trials. Similarly the [Lilly Oncology Pipeline app] (,medical/lilly-oncology-pipeline/) gives access to the Lilly oncology pipeline. Genetech also provide the HER2 testing roadmap an iPad application that details the steps required for accurate HER2 testing for breast cancer. The BRisk Breast Cancer Risk Assessment is intended to provide a means of assessing age-specific risk of breast cancer for women with a family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer. The Breast Cancer @Point of Care™ is a clinical support platform that provides comprehensive information on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of Breast Cancer, made up of a progressive series of chapters and other learning tools. HER2 Reader is a simple clinical decision support app developed primarily for pathologists and oncologists who perform predictive marker testing for breast cancer.

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