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Marvin Updated

Marvin major changes and features
* Full 64 bit support 
* Multiple, ordered R-group attachment points - Up to 9 attachment points, the order of the attachment points can be  easily changed, and the display follows the IUPAC recommendations.
* Enhanced 3D transformations - Rotation around specified axes, 3D Plane, mirror, inversion, directed merge of fragments, displaying of degree of rotation.
* Context based attached data editing - Attach data to bonds, atoms, fragments etc.
* Search for the structure on the canvas as substructure in PubChem directly from MarvinSketch.
* Configurable clipboard handling - Control of file formats available for copy & paste.
* Fused output option in Markush enumerator - First 100 of enumerated structures are shown as a single fused molecule.
* A new command line tool is available for batch mode checking - New structure checkers introduced: Empty Structure, Metallocene, Covalent Counterion, Ring Strain Error, etc.
* New GUI for training of calculator plugins - Train and run your own molecular property prediction with Predictor plugin.
* Industry standard MMFF94 forcefield options - In Conformer Generator and 3D Molecular Properties.

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