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ChemDoodle 2D update

An updated version of this very popular chemical drawing package is available. ChemDoodle 2D v11.10 is a free update.

ChemDoodle 2D v11.10 includes further advancements to our cheminformatics functions along with some new features. The stereochemistry engine has seen a complete rewrite, with a brand new system for evaluating stereogeometries in OD/2D/3D, leading to accurate generation and interpretation of wedge drawings and full support for stereochemistry in SMILES protocol. Further advancements in our industry-leading 2D coordinate layout algorithm are provided. New features include ring coloring for highlights, support for group objects in ChemDraw files, checking bonds for drawing warnings, new periodic table options and more. For macOS users, the QuickLook plugin is now functional on the latest macOS versions.

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