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Scientific application for iOS are getting more and more sophisticated, PolyPharma is a new application for looking at Structure-activity generated by a wide selection of predictive Bayesian models.


The results are then displayed using a variety of visualisation methods, a "radar plot", molecules coloured , using the "doppler" signature (blue = low, white = intermediate, red = high) indicating which parts of the molecule contribute most to the predicted activity/property. The activity in all models can be displayed


and the structure activity in a selected model explored using the "honeycomb" display. For each of the targets within the profile, the app stores a selection of representative molecules from the training set that was used to build the Bayesian model. These are shown as a series of thumbnail summaries using the honeycomb-style clustering layout, with the current molecule at the centre, the is support for gestures allowing the user to "pinch" or "sweep" to zoom in or browse.


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