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Findings LabNotebook Updated


The electronic lab notebook Findings has been updated to version 1.2.

Probably the big new feature is the ability to add tables to experiments, I'm sure this was a much requested feature. Also interesting to see the added areas of science, sounds like the user base is diversifying ;-)<

New Features:-

  • New: tables in experiments and protocols. Insertion of new tables can be done using the corresponding menu item in the Format menu or the table icon in the top toolbar of a document. After creation, the cells can be navigated using the tab and shift-tab keys. For insertion/deletion of columns and rows, use the corresponding menu items in the Format menu.
  • New: countdown timers. Timers can be created for any paragraph in an experiment or a protocol by clicking on the timer button in the gutter of the text view. Findings sets the duration based on the content of the paragraph, but it can also be adjusted manually using the 'gears' button. Timers can be started, paused or stopped from the text view of the experiment, from the experiment card, or from the timer panel (via the Window menu). Local notifications will be displayed when the timer is done.
  • New: timestamps. A timestamp can be created for any paragraph in an experiment and will by default indicate the time at which it was created (it can be edited as needed to change the time).
  • New: stopwatches. Clicking a timestamp will change it into a stopwatch, showing the time elapsed since the timestamp. It can be stopped to record the end time as well.
  • New: field for 'Computer Science', subfield 'Microfabrication' in Engineering, subfield 'Proteomics'. Let us know if you have more requests for missing fields or subfields.

There are also a number of improvements and bug fixes

These features have also been added to Findings for iOS.

There is a review of Findings here.

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