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EMBO Practical Course : Scientific Programming and Data Visualisation for Structural Biology

We are pleased to announce our practical course " Scientific Programming and Data Visualisation for Structural Biology " offered at the newly constructed Advanced Training Center, EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany from May 5-7, 2010.

The course is designed primarily for structural biologists (scientists from other disciplines are welcomed to apply). The goals of the course is to allow students to learn and master computational skills that are frequently required in less routine projects, and to learn methods of data visualization. Lecture sessions will cover data animation, Python programming for Molecular Dynamics and Drug Design, GUI development and high performance computing as well as modern programming tools on OSX.

Three (3) parallel tutorial tracks will be offered (you can only select one):
Molecular Visualization with Maya.
Scientific Programming with Python,
OS X Programming.
As part of this course each participant will initiate a project relevant to their own research area, using the newly acquired skills. Attendees are also invited to present a poster (describing their research), that would benefit from molecular visualization or new software tools. There are several fellowships available!
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