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The MacInChem website annual report


Over 55,000 unique visitors, 40% of which are returning visitors

175,000 page views with visitors reading 2 pages per visit on average.

63% of the visitors use MacOS, 22% Windows and about 8% iOS, interestingly if we look at just the week after Christmas iOS usage increases to 15-20%.

The five most popular pages are

MacInChem Home
Mobile Science
MacInChem Blog
Applications A-C

Other sections that deserve an honourable mention are

Data Analysis Tools
Hints and Tutorial

The two most popular blog entries were

Installing Molden
Science Applications under Mavericks

The two most popular blog categories were chemical drawing and Markdown editors

Chemical Drawing
Markdown Editors

The two most popular applescripts were

Applescript and curl
Applescript and Geektool

The two most popular reviews were

Markdown Editors

The two most popular hints and tutorials were

Safari Extensions
Remote Printing using Dropbox

The top search queries were
markdown pro,
knime tutorial,

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