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ChemDoodle 8.0.1 is now available.


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ChemDoodle 8.0.1 is now available. However, automatic update is not allowed for Mac OS X. You must manually update ChemDoodle by downloading the latest version of ChemDoodle from, and re-installing it. NOTE: You must close ChemDoodle before re-installing the new version.
Changes in ChemDoodle 8.0.1
Executive Summary
This is a minor update fixing issues brought to our attention since the ChemDoodle 8 launch. For changes to version 8, scroll down.

  1. Periodic table should now open again from the View menu.
  2. Fixed the interpretation of deuterium and tritium in complex condensed labels.
  3. Charges in left oriented labels are now located in better positions.
  4. Default cyclopentadiene and cycloheptatriene tools now place saturation on the sprout point unless not chemically feasible.
  5. Adding rings and templates will no longer merge multiple atoms into a single point if multiple adding atoms are within the merging distance of a present atom.
  6. Fixed rendering of Bold and Thin double bonds when in perspective merges.
  7. Improved the vitamin templates.
  8. Added feature to lock polyline drawing to the horizontal and vertical positions if the shift key is held down.
  9. Flipping while retaining stereochemistry now accounts for meso centers.
  10. Torsion bond function now preserves stereochemistry if set to do so by the option under the Functions tab in Preferences.
  11. Search widget will no longer execute a search when the drop panel is empty.
  12. Fixed issue where single atom results were not rendered in the Search widget.
  13. Search widget results are now sorted with hits appearing first.
  14. Search widget searches with stereochemistry defined in query structures now work properly.
  15. Fixed bug where the Search widget could not be manually stopped.
  16. Fixed bug where query labels would disappear in the document after being dropped in the Search widget.
  17. Fixed minor SKC import issues with text labels.

ChemDoodle 8 is a massive update to ChemDoodle. Included are hundreds of new features and improvements, recommended to us by users like you. Enjoy and please spread the word!
New Features

  1. The graphics system has been improved even beyond current industry standards for graphics. Every bond merge and pixel was scrutinized. Chemical structures have never looked better. ChemDoodle provides the best graphics in chemistry, everything else is a waste of money.
  2. Major IUPAC naming improvements, including very advanced ring systems.
  3. Full support for Retina display Macs and support for high-DPI Windows hardware.
  4. A new query structure system for defining sets of molecules and for searching partner services.
  5. New powerful tools for drawing arbitrary rings and crown ethers to atoms and bonds.
  6. Superscript and subscript merging to easily create atomic notations and other chemical text.
  7. More specific cleaning tool for adjusting only a selection of a structure.
  8. Text output options and improvements for EPS and SVG files in addition to PDF.
  9. A dramatically improved Templates widget with new and more aesthetic templates.
  10. Read in NTUPLES (multiple spectra) from JCAMP files.
  11. Added support for both the SketchEl (el) and Crystallographic Information Format (cif) filetypes.
  12. More support for working with the ChemDoodle Web Components.
  13. Dozens of new BioArt graphics.
  14. Performance improvements for faster work.
  15. Dozens more new features: two new bond types, implicit hydrogen control, automatic IUPAC locant labelling, vastly improved condensed labels, search files based on query structures, recursive SMARTS, metric support for document aids and rulers, a new precise form for scaling a specific bond, many interface improvements and so much more.

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