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AI3 Science Discovery Network+ YouTube Channel


The AI3SD Network+ (Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence for Automated Investigations for Scientific Discovery) YouTube channel is now up and running.

The network+ is funded by EPSRC and hosted by the University of Southampton and aims to bring together researchers looking to show how cutting edge artificial and augmented intelligence technologies can be used to push the boundaries of scientific discovery.

  1. Drug Repositioning for COVID-19 - Professor John Overington (Medicines Discovery Catapult) -
  2. InChI: Measuring the Molecules - Professor Jonathan Goodman (University of Cambridge) -
  3. Design Fiction as a Method and why we might use it to consider AI - Dr Naomi Jacobs (Lancaster University) -
  4. Neural Networks and Explanatory Opacity - Dr Will McNeill (University of Southampton) -
  5. Dimensionality in Chemistry: Using multidimensional data for machine learning - Dr Ella Gale (University of Bristol) -
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