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Data Creator Updated


One of the things that I’m occasionally asked for is a test data set that can be used to evaluate an application. Whilst I keep a couple of data sets that I can use perhaps DataCreator will provide a more comprehensive solution. Data Creator is an application that has been designed to fill this important niche, Data Creator can be used to build very large data sets using field types defined by the user and then filled with random realistic content.

Data Creator can create sample tables (rows and columns) as you like and fill them with pseudo-random proper content (rows of content) with a single click. You can select which kind of fields (columns) you like (name of animals, colors, fruits, english surname, german names and so on with over 50 different kind of data) and have all the contents filled for how many rows you like in a click. It can export to Comma separated value, Tab separated values, html tables, even web pages ready to click or in any custom format you like.

The latest update brings a couple of bug fixes and

  • New type 'Decimal Number in Range' to many requested format such as currency (example: $ 1.99)
  • Improved error detection of data formatting
  • Optimized for macOS 10.12 Sierra

There is a review of DataCreator here.

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