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OpenMacGrid is now open for business

MacResearch is proud to announce a new project that draws upon the very best of Mac OS X and the Mac-using scientific community: OpenMacGrid. As the name suggests, OpenMacGrid is a computing grid built up entirely of Macs, and open to Mac-using scientists everywhere. OpenMacGrid is based on Apple's Xgrid technology, which comes pre-installed with every copy of Mac OS X 10.4 (or later). The potential of Xgrid has always been obvious, but until now, it has never been fully realized. OpenMacGrid will change that, by bringing the spare cycles of Mac users, together with the computational requirements of Mac researchers.
If you're thinking OpenMacGrid will be an insignificant computational resource, think again. Testing has been underway for some time, and even before allowing the general community to connect up their Macs as Xgrid
agents, a study of gravitational waves has been undertaken by our own Gaurav Khanna. Gaurav's calculations peaked at around 200Ghz of CPU power. This will increase considerably as the public connects up their machines, making OpenMacGrid a serious computational proposition for Mac researchers.

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