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As Apple provide ever improved means to build fully fledged applications using Applescript the documentation from Apple has become ever more outdated. Fortunately Shane Stanley has continued to update his absolutely essential book AppleScriptObjC Explored. I started building applications using AppleScript Studio, but with Mac OSX 10.6 we gained a new framework AppleScriptObjC. AppleScriptObjC was a new framework in OS X v10.6 that allowed Cocoa applications to be written in AppleScript. Using AppleScriptObjC AppleScript code can work with any Cocoa framework, and can function as a first-class citizen in the Cocoa world. It also brought scripters into contact with Xcode. This daunting transition may have left many of us floundering if it was not for this book.

The Fifth Edition of the definitive guide to building AppleScript-Cocoa applications in Xcode is now available, covering Mavericks and Xcode 5. Mavericks introduces new syntax specifically for AppleScriptObjC projects, and the book and accompanying projects have been fully revised to cover this, as well as the important changes in Xcode 5.

Whilst the book is excellent, what I’d like to highlight however are the sample projects, these are 20 fully-editable and annotated example projects that you can explore and modify.

This is the definitive guide and should be on every scripters bookcase.

There is more information on the Applescript Resources Page.

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