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Mac, iPhone, Safari Market Share

Net Applications have just released the updated “market share” details (note they have recently changed the way that they analyse the data).

Amazingly nearly 20% of Mac users have upgraded in the first month, for an upgrade that is supposed to provide little extra functionality but a number of “under the hood” improvements this is a major achievement. In contrast Windows Vista has just reached a similar figure among Windows users but of course was released in Jan 2007.

In terms of overall market share Mac now has 5.13% an increase of 0.26% over the August Market share, this increase appears to be largely at the expense of Windows which dropped 0.3% to 92.76%.

The iPhone (0.35%) and iPod (0.08%) continue to increase, and have more than doubled over the last 12 months (iPhone 0.14%, iPod 0.02%). In a rather different look at mobile metrics
AdMob looking at mobile device usage chart the rise in iPhone usage. The full report can be downloaded from the website here. The iPhone and Android are gaining market share at the expense of all the older operating systems, by this measure the iPhone commands 10 times the market share of the Windows OS which has been surpassed by Android within a couple of months of release.

Firefox continues it’s advance in the web browser space now accounting for 23.77%, Safari recorded a 0.19% increase to 4.26%. Internet Explorer is now down to 65.68% a far cry from the 90%+ figures of a few years ago.
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