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ChemDoodle 2D update


The very popular chemical drawing package ChemDoodle 2D has been updated to version 11.6 Release details.

Handling relative and absolute stereochemistry of molecules is a major challenge and this release of ChemDoodle provides an enhancement to the the ability to define, edit, input and output enhanced stereochemistry definitions to a handful of compatible file formats.

Enhanced Stereochemistry. You may now define enhanced stereochemistry for chemical structures, using or and & modifiers. All stereocenters are absolute (abs) by default. Groupings will be automatically determined via incrementation, but you may also manually define group numbers for more advanced stereochemistry queries. Enhanced stereochemistry definitions are read and written from ChemDoodle Documents, ChemDoodle JSON, ChemDraw files, ChemAxon Marvin Documents and MDL CT files (limited in v2000, full support in v3000).


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