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Archimedes a text editor that combines Markdown and LaTeX


I keep an eye out for Markdown editors and I recently came across a new addition that has some interesting features.

Archimedes is a text editor for OS X that combines support for Markdown and LaTeX. Archimedes is a fully-featured plain text and Markdown editor. It includes a fast syntax highlighter and provides convenient keyboard shortcuts for common actions, such as inserting images and links. The bonus is that in Math Mode, Archimedes lets you write mathematics in a subset of LaTeX. Just enter $$ to get started. Over 700 intuitive commands, such as \sqrt{a^2 + b^2}, help you produce stunning mathematical output. Archimedes even autocompletes commands and intelligently matches closing braces, brackets, and parenthesis as you type.

For anyone writing scientific text Archimedes is certainly well worth a look.

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