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Whilst Activity Monitor gives a nice graphical display it perhaps lacks granularity

A Python-based nvtop-inspired command line tool for Apple Silicon (aka M1) Macs. Code is available on GitHub

  • Utilization info: CPU (E-cluster and P-cluster), GPU, Frequency and utilization, ANE utilization (measured by power)

  • Memory info: RAM and swap, size and usage, Memory bandwidth (CPU/GPU/total), Media engine bandwidth usage

  • Power info: Package power, CPU power, GPU power, Chart for CPU/GPU power, Peak power, rolling average display

asitop uses the built-in powermetrics utility on macOS, which allows access to a variety of hardware performance counters. Note that it requires sudo to run due to powermetrics needing root access to run. asitop is lightweight and has minimal performance impact.

asitop only works on Apple Silicon Macs on macOS Monterey

Install using pip

pip3 install asitop

To activate

sudo asitop

Enter your password and you should see something like this


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