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ChemDoodle Web Components Updated


The excellent ChemDoodle Web Components have been updated.

This is a bugfix update to the ChemDoodle Web Components, fixing all the issues brought to our attention. Fixes

  • WebGL based components now work in IE11.
  • iChemLabs Cloud services now work based on a queue, so all requests will proceed in the order requested, and you will no longer see a message to wait for the previous request to finish.
  • Added a iChemLabs.useHTTPS() function for websites that want only to use HTTPS.
  • Optimize zone now provides better placement when drawing triple bonds or higher.
  • Optimize zone now avoids placing substituents inside of rings.
  • Removed code calling jQuery.browser which was removed in jQuery 1.9. This code is only helpful for detecting when to use Google Chrome Frame. Note that Google Chrome Frame support (and therefore support in IE6-8) will be removed soon.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on the help button in some browsers would lock the component into a drag gesture.
  • Fixed bug where rendering atoms in 2D surrounded with a circle would error out.
  • Improved and simplified shaders.
  • Picking in 3D is now object aware, and will exclude objects if not selectable. So picking atoms for measurements is now much more responsive.
  • Fixed issue where measurements were not working in the Editor3D canvas on Android.
  • Help button now works in the Editor3DCanvas on Android.
  • Measurement values now render with a forward z-index of 1 â„«ngstrom to be placed on top of any objects in the immediate vacinity.
  • Minor syntax and lexical fixes.

There is a quick tutorial here, and many more on the ChemDoodle Web Components website

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