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iBabel downloaded over 500 times


I just noticed that the latest update to iBabel has now been downloaded over 500 times.

iBabel is a graphical user interface (GUI) to the open-source cheminformatics toolkit Open Babel described in an article in J Cheminformatics, Open Babel: An open chemical toolbox DOI. iBabel was originally written as an AppleScript Studio application which underwent several updates, but gradually became unsupportable. So rather than try to patch the AppleScript Studio/ApplescriptObjC application I decided on a starting afresh with a complete rewrite using Cocoa/Swift to take advantage of new technologies, this has meant some features have been lost, some new ones added but hopefully the core features are still there.


Instructions for download and installing are on the main iBabel page, remember you need to install OpenBabel first.

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