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A couple of interesting meetings


Chemical Structure Representation: What Would Dalton Do Now? should be an interesting meeting looking at the different way we represent structures. Thursday 22 June 2017 Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool, Liverpool L69 7ZD.

A few of the lecture titles that caught my eye:

  • Biology: bigger models, bigger confusion
  • Extracting Medicinal Chemistry Knowledge by a secure Matched Molecular Pair Analysis Platform: standardization of SMIRKS enables knowledge exchange
  • Indescribable structure: finding words for the future
  • InChIs are part of the solution
  • Chemical structure representation challenges encountered when curating the CSD
  • Chemical Structure Representation of Inorganic Salts and Mixtures of Gases: A Newer System of Chemical Philosophy

Apparently Tours of the new Central Teaching Hub at the University of Liverpool will also be available. Poster deadline 22 May.

There is also another meeting coming up later this month which could be of wide interest.

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