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At the end of each year I have a look at the website analytics to see which items were the most popular.

Over the year there were 71,100 visitors spending an average of 2.5 minutes per session, looking at the regular visitors there are around 4000 who visited 20-200 times per year. The US provided 29% of the visitors and the UK 7% with Germany, India, Canada and Japan around 5%. As might be expected 54% of the visitors were using a Mac, but 23% of the visitors were Windows users, 12% iOS and 5% Android. There has been a gradual increase in the number of visitors using mobile devices.

Looking at the last month 48% of visitors are using Catalina (Mac OSX 10.15), 32% Mojave (Mac OSX 10.14), all other versions are down in single figures, so as ever Mac users are moving to the latest version of the operating system. For iOS the transition to version 13 is almost complete with over 80% of visitors to the site using the latest update. This seems to be a general case with mixpanel data supporting the observation.


Another interesting datapoint is that over 70% of the audience no longer support Java, a figure that is increasing year on year.

Again the most popular page was Fortran on a Mac which has been updated a couple of times this year with reader suggestions. Other popular pages include the Reviews and the Hints and Tutorials, page describing the use of LaTeX in Pages being particular popular.

The post about Scientific Applications under Catalina only made it to number 15 in the years listing but elicited a significant amount of reader feedback.

The Mobile Science site has seen increased visitor numbers, as might be expected during the International year of the Periodic Table, the periodic table apps proved very popular.

Merck PTE
The Periodic Table Project
Periodic Table

Also popular were

PocketCAS: Mathematics Toolkit
IBM Micromedex Drug Info
Human Anatomy Atlas 2019

The Twitter feed @macinchem has steadily attracted new followers and currently has 675 followers.

The most popular tweets were the polls

In which area is Artificial Intelligence likely to most impact Chemistry


We have had a significant unallocated student bursaries for both @RSCBMCS and @RSCCICAG meetings over the last few years and we would like to find out why? .

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