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pro Fit 7.0.14 has just been released


pro Fit 7.0.14 has just been released and is available now at This is a maintenance update to QuantumSoft’s product for data and function analysis/plotting and nonlinear curve fitting.

This release improves Apple Script performance and fixes several other bugs. This is a recommended update for all users of pro Fit 7.0.


pro Fit 7 is a Mac OS application for data/function analysis, plotting, and curve fitting. It is used by scientists, engineers and students to analyse their measurements and the mathematical models they use to describe them. Users can define any mathematical function and use it to model their data, finding the function parameters that best describe it. A vast number of tools allow the mathematical and statistical analysis and processing of functions and data sets, and the software is also used to produce aesthetically pleasing graphical representations for books, articles, and any other reports involving plots of data and functions.

There is a listing of Data Analysis Tools for Mac OSX here.

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