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MOE 2012.10 released


Integrated Protein Engineering Applications

  • Residue scanning to identify critical residues for affinity
  • Search for optimal mutations to modulate thermostability
  • Predict hydrophobic and electrostatic hot spots with the protein Patch Analyzer

Domain Motif Searching

  • Compare protein domains based on secondary structure elements
  • Search proteins for secondary structure sub-geometries
  • Identify similarities independent of sequence

Amber12:EHT: New Force Field for Biopolymers and Small Molecules

  • Amber12 parameters for proteins and nucleic acids
  • Extended Hückel Theory parameterization of small molecules
  • More precise treatment of resonance and substituent effects

Reaction-based Library Enumeration and Screening

  • New reaction engine combined with library enumeration or sampling
  • Sketch reactions or core/R-group libraries
  • Screen products with 2D or 3D filters (educts & products)

Usability Enhancements

  • Docked System Manager with control over surfaces
  • Undo, redo, keyboard shortcuts, configurable mouse, drag & drop, etc.
  • 2D sketcher integration with MOE Window

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