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ChemDoodle 3D v6.5: 3D Printing


Whenever I post anything on 3Dprinting it always generates interest so this update of ChemDoodle 3D will probably be of wide interest.

Export your ChemDoodle 3D creations into many popular 3D model file types for import into other CAD applications and for 3D printing:

  • 3D Manufacturing Format {.3mf}
  • Additive Manufacturing File Format {.amf}
  • COLLADA Digital Asset Exchange {.dae}
  • Extensible 3D Graphics {.x3d}
  • Polygon File Format {.ply}
  • STereoLithography {.stl}
  • Virtual Reality Modeling Language {.wrl}
  • Wavefront Object File {.obj}
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