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3D printing molecules


There was an interesting presentation at the 248 ACS Meeting Accessing 3D Printable Structures Online Vincent F. Scalfani, Antony J. Williams, Robert M. Hanson, Jason E. Bara, Aileen Day, and Valery Tkachenko Science and Engineering Librarian, The University of Alabama 248th ACS National Meeting San Francisco, CA August 13, 2014 slideshare describing the construction of the RSC Crystal Data Repository of crystal structures all of which can be downloaded in a format suitable for 3D printing.

Currently contains: the entire Crystallography Open Database (COD) of 289,395 .cif and 48,022 .hkl files of molecules and extended solids; 3D Printable Files – 31,239 .wrl files (color printing) and 11,732 .stl files. 3 Still in beta mode, can manually browse through files. Repository will soon have user interface that is fully searchable (name, structure, formula, SMILES, InChI, and others) with deposition and crowd-source curation/ annotation platform.

I’ve also updated the 3D printing page to include several new resources.

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