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It has been just over a month since I set up the Mobile Science database and I thought it would be good to have a look at how things were going. The aim of the database was to enable scientists to be able to search for scientific apps for iOS.

It took a lot of work to compile all the information so I’m delighted to see that it has been accessed nearly 1500 times with visitors from all over the world. A fair number of people have been voting for their favourite application and it perhaps not surprising that the chemical drawing applications, Elemental, ChemDoodle Mobile and ChemDraw are all in the top 5. The other apps picking up votes are popular scientific search and computation tool WolframAlpha and the award winning reference management app Papers3, together with ElementalDB an app that allows you to search a local copy of the 1.2 million record ChEMBL database, an app that really demonstrates the computing power now available in a hand-held device.

I will of course continue to update the database but since finding science apps on the iTunes Store can be a challenge I’d be delighted to hear about any that I have missed.


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