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Molmil: a molecular viewer for the PDB and beyond


Molmil is a new platform-independent web-based molecular viewer using JavaScript and WebGL. DOI


Molmil has been designed as a light-weight and full-featured viewer for the PDB. As such, Molmil can load legacy PDB flat files, PDBx/mmCIF and PDBML formatted files. Molmil can also load a custom format which we call PDBx/mmJSON, which is a JSON version of the PDBx/mmCIF data. Other formats which Molmil supports are GRO, MOL2, MDL, CCP4 (for electron density maps and EM data), MyPresto’s trajectory format, Gromacs’ TRR and XTC trajectory formats and our own developed MPBF polygon format which we are using for our eF-site service for large structures. Users can also load these files from their local hard drive.

The source code is available at under the LGPLv3 licence.

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