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SPSS 16 available

I was just updating the page of data analysis applications available for Mac OS X when I noticed that a new version of SPSS is available.

SPSS is one of the real heavyweights in the statistical analysis area but the Mac version lagged behind. It now looks like version 16 brings a major upgrade for Mac users. In particular:-

Use of a Java based interface brings consistency across platforms. Also, through the SPSS Programmability Extension, an SPSS Integration Plug-In for R is available. So you can use your statistical routines created in R and use them within SPSS as part of SPSS syntax. Reporting enhancements include a new, more powerful visualization engine, which replaces the Interactive Graph Properties (IGRAPH) feature. This makes graph editing faster and easier. In SPSS 16.0, several algorithms are multithreaded, which improves performance on machines containing multiple processors and multi-core processors. Python is now the default front-end scripting language.

Full details

Base Prices $1599 commercial, $619 academic.
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