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iNMR update

iNMR is an outstanding NMR application that has been designed specifically for Mac OS X.

A free update (3.4) has just been announced, the update includes

FULL-AUTOMATIC (AUTO-STARTING) PROCESSING, In the last few years there has been, among other NMR programs, the fashion of full automatic processing: you select a FID and after a second you see directly the spectrum with integrals, peak-picking , etc.
NEW J MANAGER moved the "Style" sub-menu from the "View" menu to the center of the J Manager. In this way all the commands related to the J Manager are found inside its toolbar (and are much easier to find.
NEW SEARCH MODULE, The search module greatly simplifies the management of your NMR library.
SPINSIGHT DOCUMENTS iNMR 3.4 recognizes bi-dimensional Spinsight spectra.

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