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Papers for iOS updated


Papers for iOS has been updated. This is a substantial update and includes a number of new features together with significant improvements to performance.

  • Library Filtering: You can now filter your library by a particular color label, as well as by all colors at once as in previous versions.
  • Library Sorting: You can now sort in ascending or descending order when using any of the filters in the Library view or Federated Search.
  • Sync Settings: The library sync settings section has been redesigned to give you more control over your sync settings and manual syncing.
  • Notes: It is now possible to add General Notes to a paper on both iPad and iPhone, or edit existing notes.
  • Support: Improvements to the "Help" section in the sidebar to include a completely redesigned support website and a direct link if you need to open a support request.
  • Reading List: Improved interactions with the Papers Online Reading List.
  • Linking to a Papers library on Dropbox now automatically starts an initial sync.
  • Improves the "Add Keywords" screen to make it clearer which keywords are currently selected for the paper in question.
  • Reduces the delay before the pop-up bottom menu bar appears on iPhone for better user experience.
  • Adds a clear button to the Federated Search text bar to quickly clear a previous search query.

Performance & Stability:

  • Authors are now added to a paper when using the "Match" functionality.
  • User-added keywords are no longer removed when using the "Match" functionality.
  • The correct PDF is now displayed when attempting to view a supplementary PDF that had been attached to a paper.
  • An imported paper is now also opened automatically (as well as being imported) in the Reader when using the "Open in Papers 3" Safari functionality.
  • Remaining issues with the "Open in Papers" Safari bookmarklet have been resolved.
  • The "Automatic File Downloads" setting within Sync Settings will now download all available primary and supplementary files on a user's Dropbox for all papers in the library.
  • The "Download All Files" functionality will now correctly download PDF files instead of associated webpages in all cases (except when PDFs can't be downloaded because they are behind a pay-wall).
  • Using the Federated Search after unlinking from a library on Dropbox and deleting all local library data now returns search results.
  • When choosing "Sort by Author", the Library is now sorted by surname first, and prioritizes papers with at least one author.
  • Download progress bars now appear correctly for library items on iPhone as well as iPad.
  • The token field bar now appears correctly on the Federated Search keyboard when using Papers 3 for iOS on iOS 8 devices.
  • The color of a highlight annotation can now be changed once it has been added to a paper.
  • Improved stability during initial app launch.
  • Reductions to disk space usage by ensuring redundant PDF thumbnail cached data is removed when the app is launched.
  • The Reading List contents are now refreshed after moving items from it to the Trash.
  • Addresses some UI issues with the library screen when using Papers 3 for iOS on the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.
  • Prevents viewing the paper metadata inspector in landscape on iPhone to avoid UI issues.
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