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I see that BibDesk has been updated. Looks like only a few new features but perhaps the most important for chemists is the support for SciFinder.

From the release notes.

Added template methods for separating a string into components
• Simple template method for joining array components
• Support more file types for preview display in the main window, so we can show PDF, PostScript, image types supported by ImageIO, text and composite types supported by NSAttributedString (RTF/MS Word/HTML)
• SciFinder format is now supported
• Skim Notes are included in the "Any Field" search
• Revised and enhanced bookmark handling for web views
• Revised type-select handling
• External items can now be merged by creating a field group with the current selection
• Action menu now has item for merging external items
• Dragging and copying from the Skim notes table is now supported, and all rows are resizable

I've updated the Reference Management Listing.
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