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FieldView is now available for MacOSX

Some time ago Cresset asked about interest in porting FieldView to Mac OSX, well I’m delighted to report that they have just announced that FieldView is now available for Mac OS X. FieldView is a molecular viewer/editor that is designed to show molecules with their associated Field patterns and physicochemical properties. Many molecular visualization/modelling tools seem to assume the charge associated with an atom sits as a point at the center of the nucleus, whilst this makes the computation easy it does not really reflect what the electrostatic surface really “looks like”. Cresset have pioneered the use of field point descriptors to give a more accurate description of the charge around an atom and to enable better comparisons and visualization. This has been shown to be particularly important when trying to understand some molecular interactions such as Aryl-Aryl interactions.
FieldView provides a richer more informative view of how molecules are likely to behave in biological systems. 
FieldView enables you to load your structures from SDF and MOL2 files as well as showing results from all Cresset applications. You can import and compare up to 10,000 compounds at once or copy and paste them into FieldView from your favourite drawing package.
Using FieldView you will be able to:
  • Create and modify structures using the in-built molecular editor
  • Automatically convert structures from 2D to a minimized 3D conformation
  • Clone and compare molecules side by side or overlaid using Cresset's unique Field technology
  • Understand how a compound’s activity, ADME and toxicity properties vary with their molecular Fields
  • View virtual screening results, such as those from FieldScreen, comparing 2D structures with a 3D overlay showing all the Fields of every ligand
  • Filter molecules based on the exact mix of properties you need
FieldView is available as a free download - to get your copy, simply fill out the registration form and they will send you a download link.
It is excellent we now have FieldView available on the Mac platform, I’d urge all chemists or biologists to download it and give it a trial.

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