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BBEdit 10.5 released

BBEdit has been updated to version 10.5.

I’m a great fan of BBEdit I’ve been using it as long as I’ve been using a Mac and it is my “swiss army knife” when it comes to opening unusual file types. It is also a great tool for programming, scripting and creating html pages (including Markdown). Version 10.5 is a significant feature update which includes support for Macs with the high-resolution "Retina" displays, assorted new features, and fixes for reported issues.

The full release notes are here.

The release notes are always worth a read since they do reflect the humour of the BBEdit team, I’ve included a couple of the notes below.

When creating a new HTML document (from the dialog or from a template), there's a new substitution available: #LOCALE#. This is the "short" locale code corresponding to the "Language" setting in the dialog box, e.g. en, de, x-klingon, and the like…..

The "Show Clipboard" command on the Edit menu has been retired. It now lives on a farm upstate.

App state restoration has an indeterminate progress dialog, hopefully hinting that "No, we're not hung; we're busy".

The "current process" indicator in shell worksheets now has a spinny thing so that you know something's running, and a clicky thing if you want to stop the running thing indicated by the spinny thing.

I posted a selection of other Markdown editors here and there is more info on programming tools.

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