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iNMR link to DOSY toolbox

The importance of High Resolution PFG-NMR data for mixture analysis is steadily increasing but there is no single way to process such data.
While there are a number of available methods, the commonest method is known as DOSY (diffusion-ordered spectroscopy), and therefore it has become practice to refer to these data as DOSY data. The latest update of
iNMR now has a two-ways bridge between the DOSY Toolbox and iNMR. Now you can start processing a PFG-experiment into iNMR to perform all the basic processing (FT, phase and baseline correction, reference deconvolution if you wish, etc.). Then you move the matrix into the DOSY Toolbox (which incorporates 4 different algorithms: HR-DOSY, DECRA, MCR and SCORE) to apply one of the available algorithms. Finally you move the matrix back into iNMR to study the results and to create pictures.

Full details are described in
this tutorial, which includes the installation instructions.

More details of the DOSY toolbox can be found here.
M. Nilsson, The DOSY Toolbox: A new tool for processing PFG NMR diffusion data Journal of Magnetic Resonance 2009, 200, 296-302. DOI

Also look at the page of Spectroscopy Applications.
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