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Mekentosj today introduced Papers for iPhone and iPod touch. Papers puts your entire research literature database in your pocket, available at your fingertips wherever you go; whether you're at a conference, in class, visiting your peers, or on the road. Papers for iPhone was redesigned from scratch to be a perfect and beautiful fit to the iPhone and iPod touch. Papers comes with 6 built-in search engines that give you access to millions of articles at any time.

Key Features:
* Browse hundreds of articles with the flick of a finger
* Explore full metadata of your papers
* Organize your library in collections and flag and rate articles
* Read your PDFs with the built-in PDF viewer
* Search on author and journals
* Wirelessly share papers with your colleagues
* Search through millions of papers with the built-in search engines
* Backup your library online for free
* Optionally sync your library with Papers for Mac (requires Papers 1.9)

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