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Joel West sent this message to the SciTech list.

"I don't know how many of you know about the MacStats site. I started it in April 1996, during the darkest days of ISV defections from the Mac platform, to help users abandoned by traitorous ISVs (e.g. SPSS) to find the Mac-loyal ISVs that were continuing to provide solutions (e.g. Stata). Back then the issues included finding PowerPC native packages and working with LC68040 machines that lacked an FPU (see the first announcement below).

The original site was strongly biased towards social sciences (my own expertise) and charting programs (which we used for compatibility testing at Palomar Software), but through reader contributions the site broadened to cover more general scientific software. I'd like to think that it helped many Mac users find an appropriate solution to their needs without giving up on the Mac.

After I left grad school (UCI) and got a job (SJSU), the site lay fallow until David Zatz volunteered in 2005 to pick it up. He has been running it ever sense, and says he very much enjoys the contributions by so many educated (and passionate) users of Mac statistical software.

Now the site is moving to a dedicated URL,

So if you have used MacStats before (or even if you haven't), please check it out and offer Dave any suggestions."

Another very useful resource for scientists.

Also remember there is a list of data analysis applications
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