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MOE 2011.10 released, Lion compatible

CCG have announced the release of MOE 2011.10. This includes a new license manager compatible with LIon.

Some of the new and enhanced features in MOE include:


Non-Bonded Interaction Visualization Model - Visualize halogen bonds, H-bonds, CH-X, proton- for interactive modeling - Calculate strengths using Extended Hckel Model - Display strengths and interactions in 2D Ligand Interaction Diagrams Sequence Editor Redesign - Wrapped view, zoom, chain name/tag, etc. - Synchronized coloring (% identity, similarity, Clustal X, RMSD) - Cut and paste for loop grafting, inserting linkers, filling gaps, etc. Combinatorial Build in Pocket - Add R-groups to one or more attachment points in 3D pocket - Apply 2D and 3D filters, refine in (flexible) pocket and score - Use Builder to scan fragments for interactive ligand optimization Analysis of Solvent in Binding - Calculate within minutes a solvent binding free energy map using 3D-RISM - Calculate water, salt and hydrophobe solvation densities in complex or apo receptor - Diagnose how well alternate groups take advantage of water upon binding Macromolecular System Preparation - Correct common problems in protein structures automatically - Browse alternate conformations, cap termini, build missing loops - Optimize hydrogen bond network by flipping residues and adjusting states GPCR Family Database and Alignment Tools - Identify and annotate transmembrane regions of GPCRs - Add alignment constraints to improve GPCR sequence alignments - Augment a database of GPCR crystal structures with in-house data

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