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New in version 1.3 of Findings

  • Support for iPad.
  • Support for landscape orientation on all iOS devices, & improved layout for all screen sizes.
  • Support for iOS 9 multitasking enhancements for iPad (Split Screen and Slide Over).
  • Export Findings archive via the Share button.
  • Import of Findings archive from other applications (Mail, iCloud Drive, Dropbox, etc.). Like on Mac, you can select which document to add or merge.
  • Significant improvements to the protocol browser (p<0.001): relevant science fields and separation of your protocols, protocols from others and Findings example.
  • Create a new experiment directly from a protocol
  • Support for 3D Touch on application icon, with shortcut items to show your experiments, the protocol browser, or a new experiment.

We also improved a lot of things in version 1.3:

  • Clearer requests to enable notifications (for timers).
  • Nicer-looking superscript & subscript.
  • Easier selection of subfield in protocol metadata editor.
  • Message to the user when an attachment does not support Quicklook & cannot be previewed on iOS.
  • More options for troubleshooting sync under the 'Advanced' section in the settings, including manual sync trigger, Dropbox cache reset, Dropbox file removal, and sync diagnostic logs.
  • Completed experiments are automatically marked as ongoing when adding new content for current or future days.
  • Example protocols that come with the app are now read-only.
  • Tweaks to the app icons, in particular adding missing assets for 3x resolution on iPhone 6S+.
  • Allows navigation back to last day of an experiment after moving to today, by having the 'Today' button become 'Last Edit'.
  • Creating a new experiment uses a clearer 'Create' button instead of the potentially confusing 'Save'.
  • Experiment and protocol deletion now possible in the metadata editor ('i' button).
  • Protocol creation possible from any screen of the protocol browser (previously, it was only possible from within a subfield).
  • Sharing via AirDrop.
  • Full-fledge protocol browser to select a protocol to add to an experiment.
  • Watch: start countdown timer immediately when adding via the Watch app.
  • Watch: dismissing iPhone alert when timer is stopped on Watch app.
  • Watch: clearer accessibility labels on Watch app.

We also fixed a lot of small annoyances and bugs:

  • Hiding the irrelevant calendar icon when editing protocols.
  • Table display bugs and truncation in document view.
  • List numbering wrongly interrupted by table.
  • Update completed state of paragraphs after reordering.
  • Actually query start date when duplicating an experiment.
  • Correctly displaying experiments pending completion under the 'Ongoing' tab when selecting an experiment to duplicate.
  • Missing information in diagnostic section of pre-filled feedback emails.
  • Using the correct tint color in the various protocol-related views.
  • Insertion of picture below selected paragraph when using the paragraph toolbar.
  • Keyboard hiding modal menu for changing note type.
  • Extraneous space in support button.
  • Removing unused options wrongly displayed for Findings in the Settings app.
  • Icon missing or incorrect icon when using swipe-to-right to toggle the completion state of a paragraph in the experiment editor.
  • Displaying multi-line text in the metadata editor screen.
  • For a paragraph added on Mac, a timer could only be added after "deleting" a (non-existing) timer.
  • Attachments not duplicated when duplicating an experiment.
  • Correctly displaying styled text (bold, italics, etc.) in bullet-list paragraphs.
  • Watch: unreliable notification when starting timer from Watch app.
  • Watch: glance update after updating experiment progress or timer in the Watch app.

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