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  • Anyone who is looking at programming on a Mac, in particular any scientist, should be aware of the series of tutorials available on MacResearch.
  • The increasing list of content includes, Applescript Tutorials, Cocoa for Scientists including a section on OpenCL, Command Line Tools, Lab Journal: A Mac-Only Lab, Ruby Tutorials, Javascript and web components and Xgrid Tutorials. There is an active group of scientists developing code for Mac OS X to offer help and advice and a significant input from some of the Apple engineers.
  • The latest phase has been the efforts from Ignacio Enriquez who has started to translate the tutorials into Japanese.
  • 科学者の為のCocoa (part1):ハローブレーブニューワールド
  • If you are developing on a Mac this is an invaluable resource, and if you have time to contribute even better!!
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