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AMBIT :-Chemoinformatics system

I've added AMBIT to the Mac OS X applications, AmbitDiscovery is an user-friendly stand alone open source Java application, which estimates applicability domain of QSAR models by various methods, it uses the CDK for structure visualisation and seems to function fine under Mac OS X.
The full AMBIT data management system has a modular structure and is implemented in two versions: stand-alone and web-based ( ). It is written in Java to be platform independent and its cheminformatics functionality relies on the open source Java library – The Chemistry Development Kit. The database uses the MySQLdatabase, an open source relational database for speed and convenient access to disparate data sources. The chemical structures are stored in Chemical Markup Language (CML) the acknowledged method of encoding chemical data in XML. The choice of CML as the internal format makes the database independent of the software that is able to access it. Whilst it has not been tested on Mac OS X the developers would be very keen to hear about peoples experiences and seem very responsive.
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