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May 1, 2007--For the second time in under 20 years, Wolfram Research is bringing a revolution to computing. The first was Mathematica 1.0 in 1988. Today's is Mathematica 6--in many respects a completely new product, one with several hundred additional groundbreaking technologies developed over more than a decade at Wolfram Research.
"In compatibility terms, Mathematica 6 is an upgrade. In capability terms, this is a major new product," said Stephen Wolfram, CEO of Wolfram Research. "Mathematica's been reinvented."
Key new features include:
  • Dynamic interactivity, allowing sophisticated interactive interfaces to be created from single lines of input
  • High-impact adaptive visualization for automated creation of high-fidelity function and data graphics
  • Language for data integration, including automatic integration of hundreds of standard data formats
  • Load-on-demand curated data for math, physics, chemistry, finance, geography, linguistics, and more
  • Symbolic interface construction for immediate creation of arbitrary interfaces from simple programs
  • Automated computational aesthetics, with algorithmic optimization for visual presentation
  • Unification of active graphics and controls with flowing text and input
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