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RESP ESP charge Derive version III.5

I just got this message.

I am pleased to announce the release of the program RESP ESP charge Derive version III.5 (or R.E.D. III.5) and its related tools (Ante_R.E.D.-1.5 and X R.E.D. III.5) available @ New features available: - Bug corrections and code cleaning, - Update of the Mini-HowTo & Tutorials, - Better handling of Gaussian, GAMESS and Firefly error messages, - Charge value rounding off errors automatically corrected at 10-6 up to 10-2 depending on the user choice, - Handling geometrical constraints in the P2N file format (geometry optimization using the Gaussian program), - Two new scripts for data submission in R.E.DD.B., - New version for the RESP program: version 2.2 with updated documentation. The R.E.D. III.5 tools are distributed under the GNU General Public License after a simple Register & Download procedure. The article describing the R.E.D. tools is available @ News about the latest developments of R.E.D. IV can be found @ Best regards, The q4md force field tools team

R.E.D. allows computational biologists involved in AMBER/GAFF, CHARMM, GLYCAM & OPLS force field based biological studies to automatically derive highly effective and reproducible charge values, and to build force field libraries for new molecules and molecular fragments.

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